Good News

Next season the Eden will be a category 2 river. This means that we will, once again, be allowed to take salmon. The Eden was one of only 5 rivers to be upgraded. This was due, in no small part, to the efforts and lobbying conducted by the E.A.A. All anglers are reminded that the association has a bag limit as part of our bye laws.


Thanks go to all that attended the meeting. The main points of the meeting are as follows.

The officials and committee remain the same.

Ticket prices remain the same.

The river will not be restocked with brown trout this year.

Robert Young was made an honorary life member.

Neil Glachan won the Stan Reid Cup.

Mr. J. Hall won a free permit in the catch returns prize draw.

2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM will be held at Pitlessie village Hall on Sunday, 4 December at 7:30 PM. All proposals must be sent to the secretary no later than 20 November.
This is your chance as a member to air your views on how the Association is run. The committee and officials will always welcome constructive and practical ideas.


The 2016 season will probably be one to forget. River conditions for most of the year were pretty poor with the River at a summer low for most of the season. The sea trout fishing was a bit patchy but there were some good catches recorded. A seven pounder caught on the fly was one notable achievement.
The Brown trout, as ever, gave some good sport, although they also proved difficult to locate at times and to tempt. As yet we are not sure what the stocking policy will be next year. There seems to be plenty of juvenile fish in the River at the moment.
 With the total ban on killing salmon, not many anglers fished for them, and even fewer were caught.The constantly low water kept most of the salmon in the lower reaches of the River. A small spate in the last fortnight allowed a few fish to run upstream, but most congregated below Dairsie bridge where they quickly coloured up and became very difficult to catch.With a bit of luck, next year when we revert to a category two River, things will improve. We can only hope for a decent wet September and October.

Please make sure that all catch returns reach the secretary the for the end of December. Never before has it been so vital to have accurate catch returns even if they are nil returns.

Latest News

Found. A flybox has been found near the Pooch. Call 07925855390 to claim it.

The good news is that it appears that from 2017 the Eden will be classed as a category 2 river. This will mean that we will be, once again, able to take salmon from the Eden. This will be mitigated by the fact that there will have to be a conservation plan in place. This is already being undertaken by the Tay board. Over the last few weeks they have been conducting surveys on juvenile salmon in various areas of the river. Our thanks go to the committee members who have assisted in the survey. One serious problem that was highlighted by the survey is that there are American signal crayfish in one of the feeder burns that runs into the Eden upstream from Crawford Priory. The Tay board will monitor the situation. The previous idea of installing a fish counter on the Eden seems to have faltered. At the last Tay board meeting it was intimated to the secretary that Marine Scotland were not in favour of installing the counter, probably due to cost.
No matter what the outcome of the conservation plan and the regrading of the River, it is still up to every angler to show restraint. Please return all salmon that are undamaged and let them go on to breed.