River Update.

This has been a difficult year for brown trout fishing. The lack of in river weed from Springfield downstream means that the trout have nowhere to hide and an easy meal for predators. The weed situation is being looked at by SEPA, but as yet they have not given a reason for this serious problem. The best of the brown trout fishing is still in the Pitlessie area.

Salmon and sea trout have started to run into the lower river with a couple of salmon being hooked and lost. Some good sea trout have been caught around the Pooch area but the estuary has been pretty patchy this year.


River Update

At long last we are getting some much needed rain. Hopefully this will encourage some sea trout into the river although there doesn't appear to be many in the estuary at the moment.

The best of the brown trout fishing is in the Pitlessie area where there is good cover and feeding for the trout. Below Springfield there is little or no weed in the river. This is very worrying as it points to a problem in the ecosystem. It impacts on fly life and habitat for trout as they have no cover from predators. We are working with SNH to try and identify the problem and come up with a solution.