Catch Returns

Marine Scotland have for the time being designated the river Eden as catch & release for SALMON. All salmon caught must be returned to the water as carefully as possible to give them the best chance of making it to spawn. It is a criminal offence for any EAA ticket holder to kill one. Only if the club can, drastically improve catch and fishing effort returns can we argue for lifting the ban and demonstrate that it is once again sustainable to take salmon.

This year, can ALL members encourage their fishing buddies to do the right thing for the river and ensure that catch returns are made to the secretary by text, by returning their paper return supplied with the permit, e-mail or by using the on line return on the contacts page of the web site. It is vitally important that we do so.

If any one has ideas on how to improve the returns please contact the secretary, or any committee member.

Last Chance Monsoon Saloon

Finally, in the last few weeks of the fishing season and a long dry summer the rains have come to sweeten and lift the water. This should allow fish in the estuary to run up river. Make the most of it. Return and report all salmon caught and conserve as many sea trout you can to spawn. The Brown Trout season is now closed.

'Storm Ali' clear up

Many thanks to all those who helped out at back to back Sun work parties to remove the worst of storm Ali trees from the river between Nydie Mill to above Dairsie bridge. More volunteers are needed as there is still a lot of timber in the river. Even a few hours will help. Future work parties will be posted here on the web site now it is up and running again,

Pollution of the river

Sadly, right at the end of the season, the river has suffered yet another serious pollution incident. Salmon, sea trout and Brown trout have been killed downstream from the Cupar water treatment plant. Thankfully a member had acted quickly, phoned SEPA and the committee in time to identify the source and gather the evidence essential for prosecution. If any member sees anything detrimental to the river, please contact the secretary or any member of committee right away.

There are however reports of fresh sea trout entering the Dairsie castle beat. Tickets are available from the usual outlets with the best of the fishing below Dairsie bridge.


Welcome to all new and existing members. This cold blast has kept most people away from the river with very little to report.

It has been confirmed, despite our appeals, that the Eden will be a category  3 river this year. No salmon can be killed. We still need to fish for salmon and give an accurate catch return or we will remain as category 3. It is now obvious that all categories will be determined by the catch numbers.

To date, we have still not received any information from SEPA regarding the lack of weed in the river. We will continue to press them for an answer.

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and we can look forward to an enjoyable season.