Work Parties - Can you help?.

Members can help in the work of the Association building and maintaining stiles, walkways, bridges and generally maintaining the river access for the benefit of all. Work parties are arranged throughout the year from the early season maintenance of paths to removing and clearing up trees from the river after storms, but we do need your help.

Please use the Form on the ‘CONTACT’ page with your contact details if you are able to provide some much needed help or encouragement. You don’t need to be super fit as there are plenty of lighter jobs to be done. Thanks.

Tay Board Fishery Officers Netting for Salmon broodstock.

As a result of requests made to the Tay Salmon Fisheries Board, (See Links page for meeting minutes) attempts were made to obtain Eden salmon as broodstock for rearing at the Almondbank hatchery. Unfortunately the attempt was then made too late in the season when river was too high to obtain salmon when the TDSFB had issues with hatchery capacity, but as lots of redds were found so it looks like spawning had already taken place which has to be good news.

TDSFB Netting Salmon - 5.12.18 (4).jpg

TSFB Fishery Officers at Dairsie Bridge Pool.

2018 Stan Reed Memorial Cup & Catch return prize draw winners.

The 2018 AGM of the Association was held at the Wilkie Hall Pitlessie on 2nd December.

Colin Jeffrey is the winner of the Stan Reed Memorial Cup with a Salmon of 8 lbs. Well done Colin. No mean feat given the low water conditions .

Frank Doyle won a free 2019 season permit in the prize draw for members who made their catch return. If you want to win it. You need to be in it. Frank your permit will be posted out to you for the start of the season.


Walked the Ladyburn as far the Carslogie burn today. Sadly it was running milky white at the Sports Ground area. Reported this to the SEPA POLLUTION HOTLINE 0800 80 70 60.

SEPA investigated early next day, but surprise surprise, after more overnight rain the burn was well up. SEPA have put it down to a “colloidal suspension of Soil” or as we say in Fife, muddy watter. On the positive side it is raining and the burns are finally coming up. SEPA have responded relatively quickly, even though it was not possible be sure of what may have caused it a day later.

Members please note the SEPA POLLUTION hot line number, 0800 80 70 60 keep it with your permit and use it to report problems on the river to SEPA yourself as every minute counts. they will respond. Phone the secretary or committee members afterwards.

Annual General meeting:

The 2018 AGM is convened for 7:30 pm Sunday 2nd December at the Wilkie Hall Pitlessie.

Committee meeting convened for 7:30 pm Sunday 25th November at the Wilkie Hall Pitlessie.

The AGM is an opportunity for all members to have their say in the management and improvement of the river and it’s environment so please attend if you can. If you can’t attend please speak with any committee member to have your say and present your apologies.

  • Proposals for the agenda to be notified to the Acting Secretary by Friday 24th November. Any items received after this date may if time permits only be considered under Any Other Business.

  • Catch returns are crucial for compliance with our lease and Scottish Government terms & conditions. These need to be made now by any means to the secretary (see contacts page) or by using the on line form. This year the names of any member failing to make a catch return before the AGM will be referred to committee.