Annual General meeting:

The 2018 AGM is convened for 7:30 pm Sunday 2nd December at the Wilkie Hall Pitlessie.

Committee meeting convened for 7:30 pm Sunday 25th November at the Wilkie Hall Pitlessie.

The AGM is an opportunity for all members to have their say in the management and improvement of the river and it’s environment so please attend if you can. If you can’t attend please speak with any committee member to have your say and present your apologies.

  • Proposals for the agenda to be notified to the Acting Secretary by Friday 24th November. Any items received after this date may if time permits only be considered under Any Other Business.

  • Catch returns are crucial for compliance with our lease and Scottish Government terms & conditions. These need to be made now by any means to the secretary (see contacts page) or by using the on line form. This year the names of any member failing to make a catch return before the AGM will be referred to committee.