Fishing Report

There are reports of some excellent sport involving a large shoal of Finnock and some larger fish in the estuary. With the rain this week, there is a every chance that some will have made their way into the lower river and tidal pools. Please note that parking at Nydie Mains requires a parking permit. Contact the secretary if you need one.

Work Party

Sunday 28th July 10am-2pm. Meet up at the Kemback big car park. This will involve a longish walk to the Nydie Tattie Hole to start work clearing the anglers access path at the ‘Island’. If you can help out, please contact the secretary on 07986 666898 or e-mail

Volunteers Wanted for improvement work on the river:

There is always lots to do. If you can help out or If you are aware of work needing done to improve the river please contact the secretary. Sincere thanks to those who have already helped out improving access this year.

The main work scheduled so far includes:

  1. Replace EAA sign at Coble Point. - complete.(DF)

  2. Sleeper Bridge Beet Factory repair safety rails. – Complete. Thanks TG.

  3. Chop down giant hogweed - Cupar - Tarvit Mill - Complete. Thanks WL.

  4. Cut up last seasons’ fallen trees Lydox

  5. Access South Bank between Lydox Cottages & Edengrove . (Complete Thank you the Guests))

  6. Access to some pools North Bank between Nydie Mill & the Tattie Hole (Thanks Puppet Man)

  7. Plant willow shade Trees to stabilise the banks Tattie Hole

  8. Path South Bank from Nydie Mill – Island. - Complete.Thank you DS.

  9. Island - cut path from top of Island to Tail of the Tattie Hole. (Complete Thanks DS)

  10. Remove fallen tree Dron side at Island

  11. Empty - rubbish bins Dairsie Bridge, (Complete), Edenwood, Pouch, Tattie Hole & Dirdum.(Complete)

  12. Beat Markers, EAA Signage and pool name signs – a winters job

  13. Survey river for Ranuculous weed growth. (Complete DF/NG)

  14. Transplant Ranuculous Trial Aug/Sept 2019 & Spring 2020 (DF/SEPA/SNH)

  15. Identify Redds and gravel condition. URGENT - All report locn to secretary

  16. Locate salmon for TDSFB broodstock – URGENT All August/September.

  17. Gateside Mill weir reduction. (SEPA & TDSFB)- Work Starts November 2019

  18. Remove storm damaged trees ad hoc workparty.

  19. Tractor and winch overhauld & repairs.

  20. Tool store

Pink Salmon

A non-native species of fish could return to Scottish rivers in large numbers this year.

Pink 2.jpg

Pink salmon are native to Pacific Ocean waters but have spread to parts of northern Europe after being released into rivers in Russia in the 1960s.

Fisheries Management Scotland said 2017 saw "unprecedented numbers" of pink salmon in UK rivers.

It said due to the fishes' two-year life cycle the salmon could be seen again this year.

The mouth of a pink is white, but the gums and tongue are black,. It does not have “teeth” on its tongue. The pink salmon tail is covered with large oval spots.

If you are confident that you have captured a pacific pink salmon the fish should be humanely despatched and retained.

If you have killed and retained a pink salmon, please immediately contact the secretary who will contact the Tay district salmon fishery board, who may arrange for further inspection and analysis, if necessary. It would be very helpful if the following information could be recorded: • date of capture or sighting, • location of capture (grid reference if possible) and details of the site, • method of capture, • sex of fish.

Please be vigilant for any early or unusual spawning activity – particularly during August and September, when any pink salmon present are likely to be active in spawning areas – shallow, gravelly glides and runs. Any suspected activity should be reported as above.